Longevity: Estimation of Life Span

Jyotisa Guru: Brendan P. Feeley, Ph.D, Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Kovid (ACVA), Jyotisa Guru (SJC)
Language: English

SJC Conference 2005

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feeleyThe 4th house rules healing and medicine and the karaka (significator) for the 4th is the Moon. In my chart, I have four planets in the 4th house and it is also my Arudha lagna and that’s why I have so many interests. The full Moon rules the 9th house and is placed in the 10th with the lord of the 4th and is exalted in the 10th in the navamsa, so it brings great idealism in healing and medicine. That’s one combination.

My lagna lord, Mars, is my AK (Atma Karaka)and that too is placed in the 4th and is in parivartna (exchanging signs) with Rahu in the 6th (in Ashwini nakshatra). Rahu is the BK and he gives knowledge from the Guru, and because it’s in parivartna with the AK, it gives rise to knowledge of 4th and 6th house matters, healing and disease. One’s destiny has to manifest and Jyotish is uncanny in this matter, but we have to take the subject to its intended depth of analysis. I demand this from my students.Brendan Feeley interview by Charlotte Benson