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AttentionInterested Jaimini Scholars must inform the organiser Mrs. Mariella Cassar immediately to ensure that their hotel room is booked. We are likely to get a very reasonable rate of about £19 ($33) for the room.Contact Mariella Cassar The much awaited Jaimini Scholar Program Advanced Classes (JSPA) are to be initiated, just as in the past, […]

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AKK Rashi Dasha: Robert Koch

Atmakaraka Kendradi Rasi Dasa Jyotisa Guru: Robert Koch Language: English SJC Conference Year 2003 CD1 SJC Conference Year 2003 CD2

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Longevity: Brendan Feeley

Longevity: Estimation of Life Span Jyotisa Guru: Brendan P. Feeley, Ph.D, Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Kovid (ACVA), Jyotisa Guru (SJC) Language: English SJC Conference 2005

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Shatrupada: A6

Shatrupada: Arudha of 6H Jyotisa Guru:Freedom Tobias Cole, Jyotisa Guru (SJC) Language: English Published: A6 Rogapada & Śatrupada, Jyotish Digest, Vol 4, Issue 2, October 2005 [wpfilebase tag=”list” tpl=”data-table” id=”23″ /]

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Mrityupada A8

Mrityupada: Arudha of 8H Jyotisa Guru:Freedom Tobias Cole, Jyotisa Guru (SJC) At the SJC West Coast in Sunnyvale, CA (2005) an excellent well-researched article was published by Freedom T. Cole. The papers are not available for download but you can buy the CD from Lakshmi Kary’s Store Language: English [wpfilebase tag=”list” tpl=”data-table” id=”24″ /]

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