vyasa01Varahamihira was the author of some of the most enlightening titles of jyotiṣa including the Bṛhat Jataka and Bṛhat Samhita. Harihara (author of Prasna Marga) says that one with the Garland of Varahamihira and of Krishneeyam and Dasadhyayi (other books) is sure to become an excellent jyotiṣa. We hope that one day the best of jyotiṣa shall be from DBC. We do not believe in quantity (numbers) but in Quality. If you have completed all the degrees and have got all the certificates on astrology and still don’t know what went wrong with your predictions, then it is time to consider bowing at the lotus feet of Sri Jagannath Mahaprabhu for His blessings in the form of Divine Vision. Write in a few lines to one of the jyotiṣa Guru’s or Jaimini Scholars for guiding you. Please attach your horoscope and a brief astro-sketch along with a scanned picture. Admission and teachings of the Brihaspati Jyotisa are fully free of cost.


  1. We at DBC believe that a jyotiṣa is to be taught in the Guru-Sisya Parampara and it is our endeavor to re-establish this Parampara in jyotiṣa. For this purpose, the students are required to be spiritually inclined and should be prepared to dedicate their lives for the study of this divine knowledge. Half hearted attempts will not help anybody and your sincerity is essential.
  2. The learning process at DBC begins with the mutual acceptance of a jyotiṣa Guru of SJC/DBC to guide a Sisya (Student). Thereafter, at the appropriate time, when the Guru is satisfied with the sincerity, he is to be given the Guru mantra of the Parampara. Then begins the learning through mutual discussions and is completely informal. There is no course nor is there any test. The learning continues till the student has reached a certain level of proficiency in the Standard Texts and is also conversant with the working knowledge of Secret works like the Upadesa Sutra of Maharishi Jaimini etc.
  3. Thereafter in the second stage he is given the Guru Gayatri which enables him to take other Sisya and to continue teaching and also simultaneously learning and mastering what has already been taught.
  4. Subsequently, when he is ready to examine horoscopes independently and to guide people like a flaming torch lighting the way in darkness, he is given the Surya yantra and is taught its worship. This process cannot be completed in a few years nor can any time limit what-so-ever, be prescribed for this. Thus, it is most advisable to follow the path of the Maharishi’s.


jyotiṣa is a life-time penance in the pursuit of knowledge and those who are not disciplined for this will, sooner or later, falter and fall. This requires a certain level of purity of thought and action and a some spiritual discipline.

Purity of Thought

  1. Good thought comes through reading spiritual literature and keeping the mind occupied with Sāttvika mantra. If you have nothing to do, then sing the Mahāmantra Kirtana HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE; HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE”. The most powerful mantra for learning is ‘om gurave namah‘ while complete knowledge comes from ‘om namah shivaya‘.
  2. There are no enemies and there can be no enemies as Vishnu is present in all and hence any form of enmity amounts to enmity with Vishnu. Forgive and forget must be your motto if you have to be one of the best vedic astrologers.
  3. You are what you eat. Hence, eat to live should be your motto and not live to eat.

Purity of Action

  1. A good act is always beneficial to (i) nature, (ii) the social order, (iii) your family (in the larger sense) and (iv) your self in the decreasing order of priority. This should be your litmus test. These four are the four legs of Dharma (hence Dharma is said to be Chatuspada or four legged and Sagittarius the ninth house of the natural Zodiac is a Chatuspada Rasi (Four legged sign).
  2. “DO NOT TOUCH THE PEN TILL YOU KNOW WHAT TO WRITE”. By keeping quiet you will not be showing your ignorance nor the fact of your being unfit for a certain knowledge. By extension this also implies not being judgmental about things and people.
  3. All action requires expenditure of energy and this tends to become Rajas when a person desires the fruits of the action. Similarly acts performed out of ignorance of their outcome or through disgust are termed as tamas. Thus, one should undertake the holy act of studying the horoscope of a person and giving guidance ONLY after he has knowledge of jyotiṣa and is qualified by his Guru to do so and is not attached to the fruits of the work he is doing.