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suryamSoHamsa is the name of the Sun God as addressed to by Sri Ganesha. Soham is a Sanskrit word or mantra which means I am Him (Him refers to the omniscient Brahma) and thus, Soham is the mantra stating ‘aham brahmasmi’. All the living beings on earth produce this sound ‘So’ while inhaling and ‘Ham’ when they exhale.

In the reverse, the word ‘hamsa’ is derived from joining of the words ahaM + saH and represents the Jivatman/ individual soul. These two words sohaM and haMsa are the same with reversed phonemes representing pranayama (breathing process) where one starts with the inhalation and the other with exhalation. Taken together, these words sohaM + haMsa = sohaMsa and refers to the merging of the Jivatman and Paramatman…and that alone is the real goal of Jyotisa or Vedic Astrology. Every other seemingly significant objective is only another milestone for this goal. No doubt then that the great Adi Shankara wrote the

Prapañcasāra Tantra where the five great mantras addressing each of the tattva (devatā) are ॐ (om) ह्रीं (hrīṁ) हंसः (haṁsaḥ) सोऽहं (so’haṁ) स्वाहा (svāhā) and together they form the prapañca mantra

ॐ ह्रीं हंसः सोऽहं स्वाहा
om hrīṁ haṁsaḥ so’haṁ svāhā

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