robert1Astrology or allied metaphysical science were never part of my family background and thus in my early years of life I had little exposure to it at all. My parents were professional people, my father a medical doctor and my mother a nurse, and so I grew up in an academic household which was fairly conservative and mainstream in all regards. Still, I grew up in San Francisco which in the late 1960’s became the vortex of consciousness expansion and “free love” in America, and so by the time I graduated from high school and attended college in 1965, I had become exposed to all kinds of metaphysical sciences such as I-Ching and Numerology at first, and then astrology came later just prior to the time that I joined the Vedic monastery in 1970. So my exposure to matters of a spiritual and metaphysical nature came after I left my parent’s home in 1967 and which is when I began to walk my own path in life.Robert Koch interview by Charlotte Benson

Atmakaraka Kendradi Rasi Dasa

Jyotisa Guru: Robert Koch
Language: English

SJC Conference Year 2003 CD1

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SJC Conference Year 2003 CD2

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