ganesh 330x455A short course on nāḍi navāṁśa has been uploaded for the benefit of all vedic astrologers. At first you could get shocked to learn that there is yet another navāṁśa other than the standard Parāśara navāṁśa (parivṛtti). But consider this śloka from Chandra Kala Nāḍi
नीचांशकेगते सूर्ये वृषभे च प्रजायते।
सम्पत्तारदशाकाले मौन्जीबन्धनमादिशेत्॥ २११५
nīcāṁśakegate sūrye vṛṣabhe ca prajāyate,
sampattāradaśākāle maunjībandhanamādiśet. 2115

Translation: If the Sun is placed in Taurus (vṛṣabha rāśi) in the birth chart while simultaneously occupying its debilitation (Libra) navāṁśa, then the native shall be invested with the sacred thread [and start vedic studies] during the course of the second daśā.

This looks like any other innocuous dictum but on scrutiny we notice that we are required to find a planet, particularly the Sun, placed in Taurus in the rāśi chart and occupying Libra navāṁśa. Using Parāśara navāṁśa (Parivritti navāṁśa) a planet placed in Taurus cannot have a navāṁśa in Libra as the nine navāṁśa of Taurus are reckoned from Capricorn to Virgo! Therefore only Nāḍi Navāṁśa is used in the ancient Nāḍi works. Learn how this navāṁśa is constructed and how it is used in this free course.
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