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(translated from Serbian from
My name is Branka Larsen. I was born in Croatia, where I spent the biggest part of his childhood. However, high school and the Faculty of Science finishing in Novi Sad. Although my spiritual search began in 1996, Jyotish I started learning in October 2001 under the auspices of Jyotish Guru Zoran Radosavljevic.

In the fall of 2004, begin to hold the first lecture in the initial group of SJC then the center of Belgrade. His works presented’m more Jyotish conferences, national and international. I am a student finishing the third year of BA Vedanga, University of Nagpur, India. 2005, I received the blessing of the Guru to do Jyotish consultations and thus learned apply the practical help others.

branka_vistiSince 2007 in the Himalayas and led Pt. Sanjay Rath, along with 26 other students from around the world, I initiated in Jaimini Upadesa sutras or five-year program teaching Jyotish issued by the Maharishi Jaimini. Today’s complex themes (along with other studies Jyotish classics) occupies the largest part of my research in the field of Vedic astrology.

I regularly report for the magazine specialized in the subject matter of Vedic astrology – Jyotish, The Jyotish Digest.

I translated the fifth book of Pt. Sanjay Rath in the Serbian language (more about the book and published under publikacijma books and publications). I live in Copenhagen, where, together with a group of students attending regular classes Jyotish led my husband Visti Larsen ( ), I teach jyotish.

My heartfelt gift, infinite gratitude and prayers stretching before Acyutananda feet of Sri Sri Jagannath Rath, Sri Kashinath Rath, Sri Sanjay Rath and Sri Zoran Radosavljevic. My blog was created in gratitude Tradition which I am a part of and a desire to inispirisan this supreme knowledge finds its way to those who need it.
Jay Guru Dev