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I grew up in the Marine Corps, since my father was a fighter pilot, so my early years included a lot of moving around and exposure to different cultures, including living in Japan and Thailand as a teenager. I longed for stability and that came with the search for meaning in life.
A central theme was to find balance. The journey began with Yoga and meditation through Yogananda’s Kriya yoga and then TM in 1973. I went to Maharishi International University in Fairfield Iowa for a teacher training retreat but afterward ended up going in a totally new and different direction: Aikido. This Japanese martial art teaches how to overcome aggression and conflict thru non-duality and non-resistance. “The world is as we are,” my guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi would say. The goal of Aikido is the same; to develop an inner state of harmony resulting in a more peaceful effect on the surroundings.

I was studying Aikido since 1973 with Robert Nadeau Sensei and later Hiroshi Kato Sensei and although it became my main practice, I kept up with meditation throughout life. The Aikido fit my need for grounding, energetic awareness and having more harmonious relationships. In 1977 I got my black belt and began my life-long Aikido teaching career. Today I have a 6th degree black belt and teach at Sofia University (formally the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology) and De Anza College.


SueAnn and Jack ~ Beautiful Couple

In 1981, due to a knee injury, I went to a gym for rehab and was “found” by talent scouts and asked to become a competitive bodybuilder when bodybuilding for women was in its infancy. It was novel, fun and a huge contrast to the austere monkish existence as an “Aikidoka.” After dozens of successful shows both national and international, I reached the World championship level placing in the top 10 Ms. Olympia in 1986 and 87. After that I went back to teaching Aikido and pursued more esoteric interests.

The Journey

I Studied the Enneagram and certified in 1993 with Dr. David Daniels and Helen Palmer, taught several courses of Enneagram in small groups and at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology integrating Enneagram principles with Aikido.

On a meditation retreat in India in 1990 I got introduced to and fell in love with Jyotish. I read books, went to conferences and studied with some of the popular teachers in the US like Hart De Fouw and Ernst Wilhelm.


SueAnn with Rath: JSP Certification

In 2006 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to delve deeper into Jyotish study with Jyotish guru, Pundit Sanjay Rath and since 2007 traveled to the Himalayas to attend his intensive seminars of the Jaimini Sutras and Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra. After five years, in 2011 I completed and certified to teach the Jaimini Sutra Upadesa. In Jan. 2010 to 2013 I mentored a group of 1st and 2nd year students for the Devaguru Brihaspati Center Parasara Jyotish Course.

Currently I enjoy teaching Jyotish courses locally and online to beginners and more advanced students and building my Jyotish reading practice. I am beginning to blog

My husband Jack and I attend weekly a Vedanta study group at Stanford University since 2007, where we study the Bagavad Gita, the Upanisads and the teachings of Swami Vivekananda under the sharp tutelage of Swami Vedananda of the Ramakrishna Order.

I live in the hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband Jack, who is the publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and also a long time practitioner and student of Vedic wisdom.