Guarding & Sharing Secrets

One of the most important and guarded secrets of our tradition is knowledge of Jaimini Sutras. Currently there are four adhyaya present in preserved texts, though it is assumed that there are more chapters written by Maharishi Jaimini. The sutras are coded in Katayapadhi Varga, and correct transliteration can be done in sanskrit with the knowledge of this varga system. However, the correct translation and understanding is another issue. Therefore, sutras are given as a part of Upadesha with detailed preparation and exclusivelly orally transmitted from Guru who was initiated into Sutras in a traditional way. Trying to learn and understand sutras through reading commented text is useless work, because in all translation the order of the sutra is given per chapters. However, parampara teaches another order where sutras are interlinked and gain completelly different meanings. It is for that reason that almost all existing commentary on sutras differ in explanations.

Seek Carefully

I have been asked a few clarifications about the sutras. Some people asked me that they were either informed or read on some web sites that Pt. Sanjay Rath is teaching sutras. To my knowledge, he has already chosen the first batch, and what I have heard from him, only those who were on the course last year, will be given the sutras from him directly. Whether he will do it in future, I cannot tell, but for the next three years, he will be teaching sutras only to students he chose. So far, you can see the list of the students who are first year Jaimini Scholars.
The course has been completed in 2011 and you can see the first batch of Certified Jaimini Scholars
So, if you wish to study the sutras, you cannot do it directly from Pt. Sanjay Rath, but choose one of the Jaimini scholars he himself chose. You will find the list of qualified teachers on . Please keep in mind that Jaimini Schollar who will guide you through the course becomes your Guru and deserves proper respect. Even if you were taught by another Jyotish Guru, once you apply and be accepted to Jaimini Schollar Guru, he or she will become your Guru. So, treat these knowledge and Gurus with respect. My Jyotish Guru has carefully chosen my students for Jaimini Sutras, and unfortunatelly I cannot accept anybody else for the time being. Thus, even though I have taught many, only those chosen in the process of higher learning are considered my students or shishyas.

Therefore, these information that you can now apply for the course with Pt. Sanjay Rath as a new comer are wrong.

Why Course when Books are available?

If you wish to study the sutras in depth as per the rules of our tradition, please do not study them from the book alone (even if that is Pt. Sanjay Rath’s commentary). Sutras explanation as given in the course are at least 1000 times deeper than in the book:), apart from some commentaries which are given for the public, whereas the true meaning is aimed to be taught only personally from Guru to shishya. So for all further information, please visit the above mentioned web site.

For example, there is a word ”tatre” which some commentators interpreted as 1st house in Svamsha, some other taught it was 2nd from karakamsha, while the tradition explanation of such word even included 12th house and the rules when and how to use each house. Not to mention that at least half of the course taught the knowledge which is not found in the book. So, I wish to encourage all sincere seekers of knowledge to “grab” this rare opportunity to study this beautiful knowledge which was given by the Grace of My Jyotish Guru and our tradition to a larger number of people…

As per my knowledge Pt. Sanjay Rath allowed enrollement and access to Sutra handouts over his web site. So, I beleive anyone can join and study the sutra from the websites. However, it is important to note that there is another part of the course which is not on the website, and which can be studied with a certified Jaimini scholar. So, even if you join the website online jaimini handouts access, unless you are accepted by one among Jaimini Scholar, you will not access the preparatory part of the course, nor will you be issued and considered (certified) as a Jaimini Scholar. So , once you join Jaimini Course, make sure to apply for guidance at one among 27 Jaimini Scholars whose names and contacts are available on the jaimini web address given above…