For all versions of MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP (R) or Mac with Virtual PC. Version 6 is fully Vista compatible
Redefining ease of use and power in Vedic Astrology software
Used and highly recommended by Sanjay Rath, Hart deFouw, Komilla Sutton and many other leading Vedic astrologers

Some of the Key Features

  • Features in greater detail with screen shots
  • Full ACS PC Atlas data for the whole world at no extra cost
  • More than 100 charts and tables including large and very large charts (NEW)
  • Beautiful graphs of everything which could be valuable as a graph – e.g. strengths at a glance
  • Nine pages of totally customisable working screens and customisable printouts – just point, click and select what you want
  • All the calculations you would expect – detailed Ashtakavarga with transit Kakshyas, detailed Shadbal, Panchang, Yogi point, etc, Daghda Rashis, Arudha and Upapadas, outer planets, Special Ascendants (Hora, Ghati, etc.) , Gulika, Mandi and all Upagrahas, Ishta/Kashta, Rashmis, Karakamsha charts, Horas, etc., etc.
  • Extensive KP support
  • Text Reports on Nakshatras, Yogas, planetary placements and combinations, etc.
  • The most extensive compatibility tools of any Vedic Astrology software including Kutas. Compare one chart with all other gender charts in your database.
  • Detailed individualised Panchang with transit conjunctions, aspects and Kakshya report. Also daily Horas, Kala Velas, Rahu kalam, Chow Gadia and Nakshatra (KP) sub periods. Know the energy of every time of every day!!
  • Day-by-day, hour-by-hour or even minute-by-minute Ephemeris
  • Table of all the rising times for a month for any location
  • Most efficient and effective tools for Rectification and Muhurta (electional charts)
  • 20+ Dasha systems up to 5 levels and for life events
  • Narayana and other Rashi Dashas
  • Use any of the Dashas scaled to one year for Varshphal (other scaling options)
  • Work easily with two charts at once
  • North Indian charts, South Indian charts and even East Indian charts, then there is the amazing Circle Chart as well as ‘Western’ style wheel charts
  • Vedic Astrology Relocation (astrocartography)
  • Secondary and Tertiary Progressions
  • Run time back and forth – everything on screen animates. Brilliant for transits, etc.
  • Oracle
  • Email chart data and messages from inside the program
  • Tremendous research features
  • Create custom Yogas from nearly 6000 basic combinations. Get a complete combination report for a nativity. Compare with others.
  • Simple database format – fast, powerful and easy to use
  • Imports Quick Chart format files, Visual Jyotish files, JHora files and Parashara’s Light exported files
  • Copy and Paste into word-processors
  • Many editable Ayanamshas including both common Krishnamurti (KP) Ayanamshas. Create your own or use tropical positions.
  • Several house systems – equal house, Sri Pati/Chaleet, Placidus (both Vedic and standard) and Rashi = Bhava
  • Total color control including color coding by dignity or natural planetary colors
  • Supports Prof. VK Choudhry’s Systems Approach
  • Argala tables for planets and houses
  • Fully compatible with Lois Rodden’s AstroDataBank. Works better with ADB than any other comparable Vedic software
  • Full Krishnamurti (KP) support including Prashna charts from a number out of 249. Also Lords and three levels of subs for planets and house cusps with KP’s Placidus house system
  • Prashna based on the client giving you a number from 108 also.

Features in Greater Detail

  • Totally customisable workspace. Put your choice of charts, tables and graphs wherever you want. Just point and click. Up to 15 charts on a page (depending on your screen resolution).
  • Nine pages to lay out and work with. Switch pages with a single click.
  • You have total color control – very easy to change any color – flip between full colour coding and mono style with a couple of clicks. Colour coding by dignity or natural planetary colors. Rashis and Nakshatras coded by Lordship for very visually clear and appealing tables and charts
  • Lay out your printouts with the same ease and with the same method and dialog as you lay out the workspace. Create many different styles of printout each with up to 20 pages with up to 15 charts/tables/graphs per page. Choose between colour and mono output.
  • All choices and options in one dialog box. No searching in menus!
  • Glyphs as well as ‘Western’ style wheel charts and some Arabic Parts.
  • Also ‘Western’ wheels and a powerful Circle chart which integrates the Rashi, Bhava, and a second chart such as Navamsa or transit or compatibility comparison chart. See exact positions and cross resonances. It will take a little while to get used to, but this is probably the most powerful tool available for Vedic Astrology.
  • Shri Jyoti Star is smart – it remembers your preferences (like North/South/East Indian style charts, etc.).
  • Superbly easy to do rectification, Muhurta (electional charts) and compatibility. Get everything you need on the screen at once, move effortlessly back and forth in time in almost any increment, and cross-compare transits with natal or natal with natal in a uniquely exact and visual way. Simply unique among software packages.
  • Work with up to 39 events in a life with up to 25 Dasha systems and your choice of tables, charts and graphs on a single page. A Vedic Astrologer’s dream!
  • Link charts together for rectification, research and quick access. No limit to how many charts can be linked.
  • Work with two charts at once. Current transit chart set up automatically for each chart you load.
  • Scan time and geographical space. Scan across the globe to find your power spots on the planet!
  • Relocation tool for Vedic Astrology astrocartography – uniquely powerful. Unlike other software which restricts you to the cardinal points such as Midheaven, etc. you can study the effect of ‘being’ anywhere including the effects of all the planets and all the houses and all the varga positions. Vedic astrologers who have studied relocation have found the Navamsa effect to be of special importance.
  • Secondary and Tertiary progressions allowing you to use these techniques in a Vedic context. Also some key Arabic Parts such as the part of fortune.
  • Full ACS PC Atlas data. Longitudes, latitudes, time zones and time change data for more than 250,000 locations around the globe. The world standard for astrological work.
  • Work with exact Varga positions. Lay any Varga chart on top of any other. See exact resonances. This is incredibly powerful especially for studying relationships as well as for individual charts and transits.
  • Import ‘Quick Chart’ format files – the popular standard for astrological databases as well as Visual Jyotish files. Also, import records exported from Parashara’s Light.
  • Run time and watch the planets flowing over the natal chart while monitoring any combination of tables, charts and graphs including many cross-analysis tables and graphs. For instance, graph the Sambandhas or strong links between the natal and transit (or any comparison) chart. Watch the exact cross-aspects as they change either in a table or a graph. Monitor the details of the Panchang.
  • Experiment with time flow using Navamsa transits – it is amazing! Particularly, for the transit effects of Saturn and Jupiter. Spot effects you would otherwise miss. Try Dwadashamsha transits and other vargas or divisions.
  • Yogas, Karakas, Reports, Varshphal, detailed Ashtakavarga in tables and charts, 17 Dasha systems (now includes Mudda) and all the advanced calculations you expect in Vedic software. Check out the free demo to appreciate the power of Shri Jyoti Star
  • Search the past and future for charts and Yogas. For instance: if someone comes with a chart with no birth data, you can find it in a matter of moments whether it is recent or from the remote past. Find when in the future any particular combination of planets in signs will occur.
  • Build your own custom Yogas from nearly 6000 basic combinations. Search your database(s) for these. Study how the differences between house systems change which nativities show Yogas.
  • Built in Oracle based on the Ramayana.
  • All your files kept in a single compact database or databases as you choose. Tag, sort and analyse your database in dozens of ways with beautiful graphs and tables. See who on your database (or subset of it) has which Sun (sidereal or tropical) sign, Janma Nakshatra, Moon sign, Mars sign, etc. or graph the distribution of Jupiter positions for all Aries ascendants or Mars signs for all the females (or males), etc…

Loads more………

System Requirements
The software requires a PC or Mac with Virtual PC and running MS Windows 95/98/NT (3.51 or later)/2000/ME/XP with 64MB of RAM and 40MB of hard drive space, a colour monitor (preferably) and a mouse.