Personal Vastu Course

This course is designed to be a small one with focus on Personal Vāstu which is based on the native’s horoscope. At the outset, let us be clear that this cannot be a substitute for a proper Vāstu home. Instead it supplements the Vāstu application and fine tunes it for personal horoscopes. Consider this – […]

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Nāḍi Navāṁśa

A short course on nāḍi navāṁśa has been uploaded for the benefit of all vedic astrologers. At first you could get shocked to learn that there is yet another navāṁśa other than the standard Parāśara navāṁśa (parivṛtti). But consider this śloka from Chandra Kala Nāḍi नीचांशकेगते सूर्ये वृषभे च प्रजायते। सम्पत्तारदशाकाले मौन्जीबन्धनमादिशेत्॥ २११५ nīcāṁśakegate sūrye […]

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SoHamsa Free Courses

We needed a website to organise the learning, or at least to have all those tiny bits of lessons and workshops at one place – that was the motive behind the birth of www.SoHamsa.IN which is different from www.SoHamsa.COM as the latter is for paid professional courses, announcements etc. Quality of the courses are the […]

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